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We’re ecstatic for new beginnings and further technological advancements as well as intellectual artistic development. We’re ever so happy to be right here alongside our tremendous (non-financial) supporters (global general public) and annual readership and listeners and art appreciators and sharp tongued amateur art or literary critics as well as hobbyist literary editors. (Thank you!)

We thank everyone involved for making the time fly by in the blink of an eye -- it has been ever so much fun.
We thank our financial investors, accountants and attorneys for keeping us in line and on track.
We thank our Business Art philanthropists for long term vision -- we’re not alone in this endeavor.
We thank our “peeps” for making our high quality of life true and real.

The Business of Art is ever so different from any other business whether the business is to sell “rubber tires” or “framed windows” or “book binding” or “paper making” or “pencil molds” to “clothes patterns.”

General business is centered on the bottom line while The Business of Art is centered mainly on politics, justice, balance, harmony, mathematics and factual science, design and architectural concepts, reasoning and logic, beauty -- and no gossip, backstabbing or melodrama. We have not been micromanaged or forced to work on top of each other like sardines.

Knowledge is the fundamental function to success.
Imagination is the fundamental function to happiness.
Creativity is the fundamental function to positive problem solving solutions.

When it comes to The Business of Art then such an important task is done “for the sake of art” more so than for the love of the “bottom line” (dollar).

To choose to be any intelligent professional artist requires courage, patience and discipline to keep going with one’s daily lessons of growth and development -- no matter what happens or what anyone may criticize us about.

We’re ever so grateful to be standing here today.

As of Wednesday, December 31, 2014 Taviette Film Productions is no more.

Taviette Film Productions

A switch will be made from taviettefilms.com to holmdigital.com

In 2009 when we secured our financial investors, we were granted “cart blanche” to work digitally from our private study at home. Thus we do.

As of April 2014, our accountants asked us to dissolve our documentary film company. Profit stopped in 2011 -- one full year after we internationally premiered our last full length feature film.

So -- as of March 2011, we no longer make documentary films.

~ {In March 2011, I had a most misfortunate occurrence while ‘in the field’ and I’ve not been the same ever since regarding cinematography. (My body doesn’t like to make feature documentary films anymore.) Yes we’re still making films, yet we will not release another documentary feature film for as long as we live. Right after the cutting room, our features go directly inside a vault not to be disturbed for another seven generations.} ~

Since I wasn’t able to personally get to the tens of thousands of emails over the years, we finally filed “email bankruptcy.”
This will forever be my greatest professional business failure -- yet I shall neither take such a silly failure personally nor wear this failure on my sleeve.
Truly, I wanted to answer all of the emails but I couldn’t keep up with them -- because this isn’t 1952 post snail mail.

We now work in digital creative media arts and online global communications.
We hope you’ll make this switch over with us because it’s a big change for us also.

Thank you for the past 15 years -- it has been one wild professional ride.

The blog became a smashing homerun -- one million people according to the last spec sheet in May 2013. Thank you!

More surprisingly, the “Self Portrait of an Artist” page -- a fifty year series which has many more views, hits and visitors than the written blog ever has. I’m still boggled by the photography series hanging on our humble online digital gallery and how much more attention it receives -- more than the entire feature films, blog or podcasts put together. Again, thank you!
It was all a dream come true.

Thank you everybody for making our dreams come true.

Goodnight Moon,

“De La Pura Vida,”
“To the Good Life” (The traditional Costa Rican greeting.)
Gabriela de la Holm

Copyright 2015 Holm Digital All Rights Reserved.

"I've always been bored with just making money. I've wanted to do things; I wanted to build things, to get something going. What money meant to me was that I was able to get money to do that for me."

--- Walt Disney

"Recession doesn't deserve the right to exist. There are just too many things to be done in science and engineering to be bogged down by temporary economic dislocations."

--- Walt Disney

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